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Urban Eats Host Reception for


Artist Sharlene Bozeman




September 21, 2015. Houston, Texas. “We at Urban Eats are thrilled to be able to share the amazing art works by Heights resident and artist Sharlene Bozeman with our guests," stated owner and culinary director Levi Rollins. "And everyone is invited to attend our reception for Sharlene on Saturday, October 24th, from 3-5 pm. We will be serving complimentary beer, wine, champagne and hors d'oeuvres." Sharlene Bozeman's show will run from October 1, through December 31, 2015. For more information about Urban Eats, please visit or call 832-834-4417.



Artist Statement: Interior Motives:


Sharlene Bozeman has a way of infiltrating any area with such intense, complex colors; creating an engaging space. The local artists’ colorful paintings permeate the scene as well as the scenes. “Painting and creating art is my passion, blending it into an interior is my expertise,” Bozeman stated. Her combination of bold coloring and intriguing designs are truly entrancing. Much like watching an aquarium, you feel tranquil and almost lost in the movement and array of hues in Bozeman’s paintings.


Her father was a cartoonist and drew all the time. “I didn’t think I had any talent,” said Bozeman. She worked all her life in sales; mostly furniture and design sales. “I lost passion for everything,” Bozeman admitted. She added she wanted a chance to give something instead of just selling something. Bozeman shared she prayed for a long time for her passion to return. Then a friend took her to a painting class. Bozeman professed, “I couldn’t get over how the colors on the white canvas exploded and looked so rich.” She started painting as a hobby. She experimented with mixtures of different mediums and discovered ink was her favorite.


Bozeman explained she blends ink using different techniques and tools to create unique textures and color patterns. She explained her love, spirit, and joy for life are translated onto the paper and “it lives.” Bozeman revealed, “I feel like I’m following a trail designed for my life. I’m in love with my work and never tire of it.” She believes the most important aspect of her work is to move people and to give them something. Bozeman declared, “My love for color, many years of experience with home decor, furniture, home sales, designing room plans and selecting fabrics and furniture gives me the knowledge to select just the right painting for any space.” She told that others often express how her paintings whisper or speak or even sing to them. She stated, “It is my hope that my art brings out a playful melody in your heart and brings joy and excitement to your home.”



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For more information about Urban Eats, please visit or call 832-834-4417.



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